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About MMC

                   Welcome Home


 Welcome to your New medical home at Miriam Medical Clinics.  That has been the message for the     

 past 5 years to those living life’s challenges, who often feel forgotten and marginalized. They have

 found a medical home.


 At  your medical home you will find:

  1. Compassionate care for all medical conditions.

  2. Focus on care before cost.

  3. Care without questions about why or how you became ill?

  4. Coordination of care with social workers, counselors, food and housing resources.

  5. A welcoming atmosphere for uninsured and underinsured patients.

  6. Full service for physical examinations, laboratory examination for all illnesses

  7. Medicine reconciliation by the pharmacy staff


 Our staff of volunteers has the core belief that our patients are at the center of the healthcare team.  

 We believe strongly that our patients want connection

 and  desire to fully participate in healthcare

 decisions. We strive to create ease for our patients to “feel at home” at Miriam Medical Clinics. 


 Currently we serve patents in the North Philadelphia section of Philadelphia, PA with plans to renovate

 a site in the Point Breeze neighborhood of South Philadelphia. Both communities are home to 

 numerous severe public health disorders such as diabetes and heart disease…diseases that regularly  

 take lives.


 Our South Philadelphia site at 2006 Tasker street, will offer another locale where our patients can feel at

 home. Our target time frame for completion is Spring 2020.


 You can help us make transform this site from this….,




                                                                                               into this    













                                          This new medical home will cost a total of $90,000.


  Your investment will help complete this project on time. Your investment will help save lives.


                                                             Please,…join us on this journey!!!

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Mission & Vision

The Mission of Miriam Clinics, Inc (MMC) is to provide multi-disciplinary competent, compassionate and accessible health care regardless of ability to pay.  MMC recognizes that there is a need for healthcare access to be provided to underserved citizens, who for any number of reasons, cannot obtain affordable care. In this awareness, there is also the appreciation that healthcare must be provided with a complete acknowledgment of the dignity, respect, and integrity desired by each patient. Addressing these needs fosters full participation of the patient in his/her care. Therefore, our vision is to contribute to and witness the development of physically and spiritually healthy and whole communities in urban areas.

Providing you with the best medical team for the best care

Dr. Michael D. Johnson

Medical Director & Board Member

Board-certified physician and surgeon with over 38 years of clinical experience in the US and overseas in Africa and Haiti; he obtained his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 1979. He brings the competence and compassion of having worked with people in the most impoverished parts of the world. 

Sandra Kay Johnson

Clinic Administrator & Board Member

These credentials coupled with her twenty years of development projects in rural Africa have helped her prepare for service in Philadelphia. The projects she oversaw in Kenya included building clinics, schools, and digging wells, overseeing agricultural development, providing famine relief and healthcare for orphans. 

Dr. Corneilius D. Pitts

PharmD, CMTM, RPh 


Pharmaceutical Care Director & Board Member

Dr. Pitts has been a pharmacist for over 40 years, having studied and practiced in multiple health care settings. As a professor and clinical researcher, he believes research has practical applications in the community and can serve as a tool to improve health. Dr. Pitts has a passion for developing health ministries to improve health in underserved neighborhoods.

Dr. Akili DeBrady


Board Certified in Family Medicine

Board-certified family medicine physician and a Philadelphia native, he matriculated through the public school system, graduating from Philadelphia's prestigious Central High School.

He then earned his BS from Morehouse College, and finally returned home, earning his medical degree from Temple University.  He has dedicated his career to providing quality health care to Philadelphia's communities, especially those that are underserved and overlooked.


Patricia Imms

Nursing Director & Board Member

Nurse Imms is a Clinical Research Coordinator and Psychiatric Nurse with the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety. She has practiced as a psychiatric nurse for over 30 years and has conducted clinical research in depressive and anxiety disorders for the past 20 years. Recognized as an expert in patient relations, counseling and behavioral issues, she brings vital resources to address psychiatric disorders often overlooked in our communities.

Jackie Exum

Registered Nurse

Nurse Exum has a wealth of experience working within the Philadelphia community over 30 years. Jackie began her training at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and completed her Masters in nursing at Eastern University. She served as a school nurse allowing her to minister to many children and families facing various challenges.  Jackie has served in over 16 nations as a medical missionary and brings exceptional compassion to Miriam Medical Clinics.

Dr. Kia D. West


Board Certified in Family Medicine

Board-certified family medicine doctor in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. She received her medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine and has been in practice between 11-20 years.   She specializes in nutrition and obesity management.

Lori Bell


Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner has both international and nationwide experience of 40 years.  She has worked as nurse educator, advanced practice nurse and public health professional with US and international experience.  Expertise in clinical care of all ages, teaching, capacity building, training, monitoring and evaluation.  Talent for analysis and creative solutions in low resource environments. 

Wema DeBrady


Physician Assistant

She is one of our new volunteers with Miriam Medical. She has worked as a physician assistant in several hospitals in the US and overseas in many countries. She recently has been working with women and educating them about breast self-exams and blood pressure screenings.