A Message From the Staff

Take a drive through Philadelphia and you will see that we are home to 7 medical schools, 3 pharmacy colleges, numerous nursing schools and training centers for other health professions. What’s more is that there is at least one institution of healthcare, pharmacy or medical center in every block as you traverse North Broad Street. Despite this abundance of ways to treat illness, the status of our health is not good. So the question is: Why are we still so sick?

Miriam Medical Clinics (MMC) is on a mission to change the health care paradigm. The sick and those without healthcare access tend to live in poorer neighborhoods. The uncontrolled or undiagnosed illness tends to be highest among African Americans and seniors –among our more vulnerable citizens.  But the message is out: Miriam Medical Clinics’ doors are open to all, insurance or not, who need health care, with care, the operative word.  So our called mission is to provide access to all those in need.  And the larger message in healthcare. Is that patients are looking for a connection to health systems, to each other and to community healing. Miriam has been discovered as a way for this to happen.

MMC is proud to be an instrument of this healing, and, community peace.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us.
Miriam Medical Clinics Staff and Board